Welcome to your Pyur Home

Welcome to your Pyur Home

Flashback to the 1950’s— Russia was still the USSR, cigarettes were still being smoked in restaurants, and one of the most popular and harmful pesticides was about to be introduced. The ensuing decades would see the fall of communism and the rise of the surgeon general’s warnings, but the dangerous effects of pesticides would go unchecked.

Now, in 2018, society’s trend toward healthier living has opened the door for new advancements. At the helm of this new environmental era is Pyur Solutions: a company committed to producing non-toxic, biodegradable, plant-based products that really work. I know what you’re thinking right now: “how could a non-toxic product get rid of my ants and roaches? I will settle for nothing short of an atomic bomb!” At first thought, it seems like strong, harmful chemicals are exactly what you want to kill pests; however, there is a way to be just as effective without adversely affecting the health of you, your family, or the environment.

Pyur Solutions bases its formula on biomimicry— the design and production of materials and systems modeled on biological processes. Essentially, researchers are incorporating things that work in nature into new inventions. For example, to reduce the noise of a Japanese bullet train, engineers adapted the beak of a bird that seamlessly darts into the water to catch fish without causing a ripple. A team of researchers developed an adhesive that can hold up to 700 pounds by adapting the skin of a gecko’s toe. Pyur Solutions works in a similar way: we take botanical oils that innately repel insects and intensify them, resulting in pest free homes and gardens.

Eco-friendly products are a breath of fresh air in an industry that’s recently come under fire. Now that research is thoroughly being done on the toxicity of various pesticides, certain chemicals are being deemed too dangerous. Earlier this year, the European Union banned neonicotinoids— insecticides that work by spreading poison throughout the plant’s entire structure including the flowers and nectar— after finding they were devastating the bee population. Piperonyl butoxicide, one of the most common ingredients in insecticides used to amplify toxicity, has been linked to cancer, liver problems, and harming the babies of pregnant women. All of this may seem highly technical, but it all boils down to the fact that chemicals made by humans in a lab have further reaching consequences than previously thought. Meanwhile, Pyur Solutions’ insecticides have been exempt from EPA registration as they have been recognized as a minimum risk pesticide.

We decided that not only do the formulations behind our pest products need revamping, so do the packaging itself. The bright, obnoxious colors of common home pest spray bottles are outdated and scream unpleasantries. We designed our products to fit in the modern home, rather than to be thrown under the kitchen sink.

We believe that nature knows best and each of our products are sealed with nature’s punch to combat everyday household problems. We are ready to transform your home into the modern era and toss the old-school synthetic science in the trash. It’s time to step into your new, modern, Pyur life. Welcome home.