Pyur Solutions was founded on a simple ideal: naturally-grown food free of harmful agents should be available to everyone. Through his years learning about the agricultural industry, our founder Nandeet became increasingly frustrated with the ubiquity of harmful, artificial, chemical solutions in our homes.

Our Team

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Nandeet Mehta
CEO + Founder

Akhil Srivastava
Technical Co-Founder

Jessica Huang


Our Advisors


Om Marwah

Chief Cognitive Scientist @ Walmart

Om Marwah is an Indian-American cognitive scientist who is currently Head of Behavior at @Walmartlabs. Marwah was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list in enterprise technology in 2015. He is applying his academic background in cognitive science and geography to online marketing. Marwah has given speeches to audiences ranging from academics at UCLA to attendees of the Innovation Summit and World Future Summit. He, presently leads an award-winning lean startup team of devs, designers, marketers, and strategists.

He has also taught at UCLA. His course is on academic creativity and applying academic ideas to industries in new ways. Students think about interdisciplinary applications of technology and are exposed to industry frontiers.

Greg Selkoe

Founder @ Wanderset, Curateurs & Karmaloop

Greg Selkoe was born and raised in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston. Selkoe has a Masters in Public Policy from the Kennedy School at Harvard University. Selkoe started his career as an Urban Planner for the city of Boston (Boston Redevelopment Authority) before he started in 2000. Realizing the need for a global streetwear provider Selkoe started the company in his parents’ basement at age 25. at one point was the largest online streetwear retailer in the world, with $150mm in annual revenue, and 5 years of $100mm+ animal revenue and selling in over 45 countries. Selkoe recently co-founded a next generation media and commerce site called with Paul Judge PhD. He is also partners with Pharrell Williams on the creation of a conference event for cultural creators to be called the Elevation Conference.

Greg Selkoe was invited to speak to 2000 young people at the Generation Now Event as part of the January 2013 Inauguration of President Obama. In 2012 Selkoe was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Ecommerce Category for N.E., In 2010 Selkoe signed on to be a contributor to the Huffington Post. In 2009 Selkoe was selected as one of the top 25 most influential entrepreneurs under 35 in the United States and was invited to participate in a White House summit for young business leaders.